Roatan 2021: Travel Update

Hello Happy Travelers! 

UPDATE 02/05/21: It has now been 11 months since we were postponed and oh man am I looking forward to this vacation, no matter what hoops there are to jump through for safety!     

Today is November 5th, 2020. It’s been almost 8 months since our Roatan trip was postponed to March 6th-13th, 2021. And my, my how life has changed! 2020 has been a roller coaster for my family and children, and its been WAYYY too long since I have been on a vacation! I hope you are all keeping up with the lifestyle changes and are able to remain healthy. 

    I am aware many peoples lives have changed significantly since Covid19 began (myself included). I decided to create this link to keep you all informed about the who’s, what’s, if’s, and’s, and how’s. This link will be kept as a running dialog with date and time stamps for each section. 

Below, you will find the most current information available pertaining to your trip itinerary. If any revisions or changes are made, a notation with the date and time will be added to the top of each section. The most important itinerary information will be kept pinned to the top of this link for easy viewing access. 

This page will be used to communicate the most recent and relevant information about your trip to you. This link is public and can be shared. We hope this will help you keep others in your life updated about your travel plans. Each time a significant new update is posted, registered guests will receive an email containing a link to this page notifying them. Please look for the update stamp at the top of each section to locate any changes.

FAQ (Facts & Questions): If you have a question about your upcoming travel, please refer to this page. It is likely the answer to your question can be found here. As new queries arise, as they often do, I will be adding and expanding this resource.  (This section can be found at the bottom of this article.)

Trip Itinerary & Important Information:

UPDATED: 02/05/21: No Changes to hotel info. Flight info is still the same American out of BDL (Hartford) No Bus

There are no additional fees due in excess to the original trip price at this time. 

*7 Nights Accommodation (1- Bedroom Villa based on Double OCC. or 2- Bedroom Villa based on Quad Occupancy)
*Breakfast, lunch, dinner, ALL- drinks (includes premium liquor)
*15  Boat dives, 1 Night Dive (includes tank, weights & belt)
*All taxes (19% Honduran tourism tax)
*Pool, Paddle board, & Kayak.
*Night time entertainment (including live music and cultural shows)
*Lounge chairs and towels at pool and beach
*Free WiFi


Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort

AddressWest Bay Beach, 34101, Honduras

Phone: +504 2445-5050

Map Location:


Mayan Princess Map


Flight Information: 

Please note:  Our airline and departure city has changed, we are now traveling on American Airlines out of Hartford (BDL), CT.

Departing- MAR 6th,2021
AMERICAN #348: Hartford 6:00A –Miami 9:20A
AMERICAN #4848: Miami 11:10A -Roatan 12:34P

Returning- MAR 13th,2021

AMERICAN #4848: Roatan 1:19P -Miami 4:28P
AMERICAN #678: Miami 9:25P -Hartford (+1)12:36A


Group Bus:

*NO GROUP BUS is available for this travel adventure.**

  • Due to the updated departure city, steeper airline ticket price, and social distancing guidelines a group bus will not be offered for this trip. 
  • Any previously designated value for this service has been applied to increased airline ticketing fees. 

*Fees in excess of this value may still be owed. (Current Fee +$20)* 

Airport Information:

UPDATED: 02/05/21 (Last Updated: 5Nov20)

Note: Due to the early flight, some travelers are choosing to book a hotel room at the Sheraton Hotel on site at BDL. The 1 nights stay would include 7 days of parking in their garage. If you choose to do so, this would be booked independently and is not included as part of the group travel package. 

Bradley International Airport (BDL) Hartford, CT. 

Finding Your New England Dive Group Leader

  • Check in at the American Airlines International counter at BDL airport Hartford, CT. 
  • American Airlines suggests checking-in 3 hours before your departure time.
  • Clear Security Checkpoints(You will need a passport valid within 6mo of the date of return Sept 13th, 2021.)
  •  A lead member from New England Dive will meet you at your departure gate.
  • Download the App Mobile Passport to expedite re-entry into the US.
  • Download  the American Airlines App. in advance for updated flight information and inflight entertainment access.

Luggage & Carry-On Items

American Airlines Baggage Policies:

Roatan Travel Restrictions:

UPDATED: 02/05/21 Please see changs in RED(Last Updated: 5Nov20)

Current Restrictions Entering Honduras:

  • Passengers must provide negative COVID-19 test results prior to travel. Travelers must hand-carry the negative test results for a PCR or Rapid test taken less than 72 hours before entry into Honduras. Passengers must hand carry a paper copy and show the test results at check-in.
  • A Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test OR a rapid test with minimum specificity of 85% and sensitivity of 98% only.
  • All travelers must complete the immigration precheck form at https://prechequeo.inm.gob.hn. Travelers must answer all immigration, customs, and health screening questions to receive a confirmation email. Travelers must print and carry this email with them. 
  • Here is a STEP-BY-STEP instruction to help you complete the immigration form. THERE ARE 5 PAGES TO THIS AID. The pre-check must be competed within 3 days of travel. However, you can make an account and take a peek now if you would like.
  • As of 29Jan2021 The CDC now requires all persons re-entering the US to have an additional Covid test within 72 hours. This Link will give you all of the details about the CDC requirement. Even if you have gotten the vaccine you will need a test. 
  • The clinic is right next to the hotel, on the other side of the LAS SIRENAS section of our resort. I am currently working with the resort to make appointments with the clinic hopefully being able to reserve time slots in small groups so no one has to wait for long periods of time at the clinic.

  • The test clients will be receiving at the clinic is the Antigen COVID TEST.

    3 minutes from the resort there is a clinic and the test can be done from 6:00am to 1:00pm

    The cost of the test is $50.00 per person.

    Results will be delivered in a 3 hour window by whats app or email and the following day result will be delivered to the hotel on papers.

  • Mayan Princess Covid-19 Protocols: https://www.mayanprincess.com/covid-19-update/

After you Travel:


  • Get tested 3-5 days after travel AND stay home and self-quarantine for 7 days after travel.
    • Even if you test negative, stay home and self-quarantine for the full 7 days.
    • If your test is positive, isolate yourself to protect others from getting infected.​​
  • ​If you don’t get tested, it’s safest to stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel.​
  • Avoid being around people who are at increased risk for severe illness for 14 days, whether you get tested or not.

Always ​follow state and local recommendations or requirements related to travel.

Travel Insurance:

UPDATE: If you have purchased travel insurance, please carry a copy of your travel insurance and email it to yourself as well in case of emergency.  (Last Updated: 5Nov20)

We want to strongly advise each of you purchase Travel and Dive Accident insurance. We feel we can not require you to purchase these insurances. Only inform you, that without them there are many situations in which we will not be able to assist you if you do not have insurance.

Please review this LINK for a suggested Insurance option/directions.

Please be advised that if traveling without insurance, guests must be financially prepared to support themselves in unexpected situations. For example, if medical, extended stay due to quarantine, emergency evacuation, or trip cancellation occur. New England Dive and/or your group leader(s) will not be responsible for assisting you financially. This is what insurance coverage is for. 

Travel Insurance Is Highly Recommended: 

Here is the link to the FAQ’s  for TravelSafe Insurance.   

 Receive a free quote by clicking HERE.

Note: The Comprehensive Plus or Cancel For Any Reason plans might not be available to us because we have been “paid in full” for a long time already.  These plans require obtainment within 2 weeks from the deposit date. However, I suggest when contacting the agency, approaching the conversation as deposit made with balance due since technically our airfare is not paid in full yet. 

Again, I repeat: trip/travel insurance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Any trip insurance questions should be directed to the insurance company. I will not be able to answer most questions about these plans. The FAQ sheet link posted above will also be very helpful to you in finding most answers.   

Dive Accident Insurance is Highly Recommended:


DAN (Divers Alert Network) 

Dive accident (and equipment insurance) are also highly suggested options. DAN is the diving industry’s largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety. DAN offers insurance programs, and memberships

Dive Accident Insurance information.

Dive Equipment Insurance Coverage.

If you sign up for DAN:                                                                                  Please list New England Dive #2782626 as your referring dive center. 

Please keep a paper copy of any insurance policies with you while traveling, as well as, email a copy to the New England Dive Travel Adventure department to keep on file during travel.  

FAQ & Updates:

(Last Updated: 5Nov20) *New posts containing additional informative content will appear first in this section*

Why has our airline and departure location changed?

We were originally scheduled on United Airlines departing from Newark International Airport in NJ. The change to delay our travel dates was made during the very beginning of this pandemic. (And good thing we did! The boarders were closed during our original travel dates.) At this time there was a 12month cap on rescheduling ticket dates per the airline. Thus making the farthest out dates, but closest to the original dates March 6th-13th, 2021. But the flight schedule for March 2021 did not exist yet. We were left with a standing credit subject to fare changes.

This period of time still is somewhat of a “grey” area when it comes to refunds. It took a LONG time to get a refund from United for the airfare, but in the end we were successful, because (at the time) United had dropped Roatan from it’s flight schedule completely.  American Airlines however, was offering service to Roatan from BDL.  So we reserved seats at a similar price and still hold that reservation until November 21, 2020

Is the cost for the new flight different?

Yes. The original United flight cost $750.00 The new American flight is $869.00 The increased cost in airfare is +$119.00
*Note: The group airfare requires 12 person minimum. If this requirement is not met the price is subject to change.*

Will I have to pay the difference for the increased cost in the airline tickets?

There will only be a $20 additional airfare charge. Due to the group bus no longer being offered, the value of that service has been applied toward the airline ticket price. 

If there is no bus, then how do I get to the airport?

New England Dive has never offered a group bus for flights leaving from BDL. In most cases, it does not make sense for someone to drive to Wallingford then go back North to the airport.    

There are many different options for transport to BDL. Please use the links provided in the information blocks listed above to find out more. 

What if I can no longer travel during these dates?

In the event that you can no longer travel on the March 6th- 13th, 2021 trip dates. Please contact Jill right away. (Jill@nedive.com).

You will hold a credit at the Mayan Princess Resort in YOUR NAME under NEW ENGLAND DIVE as the organization. This credit will be for the value of the original package. (Valid for individual travel though 2021.) 

The fee for the original airfare can be refunded until November 21, 2020. Please notify New England Dive Travel Adventures as possible about this topic.

Can I get a refund for my entire trip? 

No, at this time only the original airfare cost ($750) is able to be refunded and only until November 21st, 2020. At this time decisions about travel for this trip need to be made. If you are seeking reimbursement for your entire travel package, an attempt to get travelers majority or partial refund for their resort packages can be made by re-selling them to others. Please keep in mind that this option will most likely not be for the full value and has a small window on opportunity 11/21/20. Notify Jill right away if you choose this option. Requests for this option will be addressed in the order received. 

What happens if I sign up now and have to cancel before the trip? or if the boarders close again? 

Please refer to the trip insurance sectioned mentioned above. Contact TravelSafe. Talk about your concerns. Get a free quote. Make sure the policy includes the details of coverage that you are seeking. Trip insurance -and-dive accident insurance is highly recommended if you choose to travel. 

Please submit any insurance policies purchased to the group leader to keep on file. And make sure to travel with a paper and digital copy.

What if I had my own airfare or would like to use an airfare credit I already have?

If you originally purchased your own airfare. You will need to contact your airline to determine policy.

If you would like to use an airfare credit you already have please notify Jill in the travel department right away that you will be booking your own airfare. Deadline for commitment for group airfare is November 21, 2020.

*Note group airfare is only eligible with a minimum of 12 persons.*

I have read all the details listed here and have more questions. Who should I speak to?

Any additional questions can be directed to Jill@NEDive.com. Or by phone (203) 284.1880

I would like to report my status on the trip before the November 21, 2020 deadline. Who should I contact?

Please email your decisions about travel to Jill@NEDive.com as soon as possible. Please title the email Roatan 2021 existing traveler.  

Please make a clear confirmation  of your intent.

I know someone interested in joining the trip, how can they sign up?

That’s great news! And they are welcomed, there are currently 1 single & 2 double spaces available that need to be filled. This count will likely change as original travelers update about travel plans.  

Please have any interested persons email Jill@NEDive.com or call during business hours (203) 284.1880