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 Our Mission:

New England Dive provides residential & commercial pool repair service. We fix leaks in liner, gunite, and cement swimming pools.

Having decades of pool patching experience under our belt we’ve truly seen, and patched it all. When it comes to leaks in pools, we at New England Dive are here to help you save money on water and chemicals.

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**If the weather permits we can dive! Bookings during ‘Pre’ and ‘Post’ season may experience  variable rates. (In Season: Memorial Day – Labor Day). **

Our Services:  

If you are adding water to your pool on a regular basis, then you most likely have a crack in your pool, or a tear in your liner. Our services consist of in-water leak detection of pool basins. Electronic leak detection services are also available if necessary. This dual inspection capability enables us to specialize in finding even the sneakiest of leaks. During every service call the diver dispatched will complete a full visual inspection over every inch of your pool. Any leaks capable of being fixed by our services are fixed at the time of service. 

Level 1 Leak Detection Service: This includes up to 1 hour of inspection, up to 12 patches, or 12 inches of repair. 

Most service calls fall within this category and only need 1 visit for our professionals to locate and complete a repair. The water level is marked by the diver at the time of service, and checked by the homeowner within the following 24-48 hours to ensure the leak has stopped. If the home owner finds the pool is still leaking, contact must be made within 7 days of the original service to be considered the same repair.

If the pool is found to still be leaking during a re-check, further investigation will take place into why the pool is still leaking. This process may include 1 or more of the following: Troubleshooting using a dye test, administering an evaporation test, or completing a second in-water inspection. If the service provider missed a leak upon the first inspection there will be no extra charges added to the service call. If results are inconclusive, a level 2 service call will be required.

Level 2 Leak Detection Service: Secondary visual inspection, intermediate level repairs, and/or electronic inspection- $99/hour

This fee is charged in addition to a level 1 leak detection service. This service is necessary when: your pool leak requires additional time and/or materials than included in a standard leak detection service, or when a pool is not in full, clear, running condition before service. Advanced strategies and/or equipment are needed to identify your leak. This fee is billed hourly.

Additional Hourly Service- $99/hour

Pools requiring additional hours of inspection, excessive materials, detailed repair work, and/or coordination with pool contractors.

Other Fees:

Other fees that pools may occur include, but are not limited to, materials needed in excess of the included quantities, parts, underwater drill usage, cover removal & replacement.


Appointments can typically be scheduled within 24- 72 hours of request.

  • Our contactless service is possible thanks to our convenient scheduling system.
  • There is no need to be home at the time of your service appointment.
  • You will be updated via text message/email every step of the way!

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