ned's kayak inshore slam

So many ways to win prizes!


For over 30 years New England Dive (NED) has been family owned and operated. Known as the “go-to” shop for all things SCUBA. Luckily for watersports enthusiasts, in 2017, NED expanded to a newly renovated storefront just down the road from their former location. Their 10,000sqft showroom now serves numerous watersports as home. NED is proud to be an Authorized Hobie Kayak & SUP dealer and offers a fishing bait & tackle department. NED prides itself in stocking the best brands, providing expert customer service, and having a great time in the outdoors! 

NED wants to welcome you to the housewarming party by presenting to you... the 1st annual....

Is a virtual KAYAK FISHING EVENT like the region has never seen!

During this month long event, anglers can fish their home waters (or just about wherever else along the North Atlantic coast) for a variety of gamefish species. Designed to be fun and competitive for kayak anglers of all skill levels, absolutely anyone who fishes from a kayak has a chance to win big prizes!

From Maine to New Jersey, kayak anglers will be looking to catch seven of the local gamefish species: Bluefish, Summer Flounder (Fluke), Black Seabass, Tautog (Blackfish), Weakfish, Porgy (Scup) and of course Striped Bass. If that sounds like a lot, you’re right, it is! But that’s the beauty of the NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam, you can fish for as few or as many of those species as you want!

Prizes will be awarded for anglers who catch the biggest fish of each species, but there will also be prizes awarded for other fish species as well (such as Dogfish, Sea Robins, etc.). Ultimately the Grand Prize Winner will be decided by catching three or more species, but seriously, every angler has a chance to win something!

  • NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam will encompass the entire month of July 2021. 
  • Fishing will commence after a virtual Captain’s Meeting video on Wed. June 30th
  • Submissions will be accepted as of 12:01am: July 1st
  • Final submissions will conclude 12:59pm: July 31st.

Anglers can fish as often or as little as they’d like, working the NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam into your own schedule!

Captains Meeting : June 30th, 2021

Let the games begin!


Final Submissions conclude: July 31st, 2021

Contest Ends....



  • All catches and submitted fish will be judged based on photographs and length of fish. (For the purposes of NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam, the weight of the fish is irrelevant.)
  • Each angler will be using a tournament app on their smartphone to log-in and submit fish caught. You only need to “count” the largest fish you catch from each species, but you can upgrade/cull throughout the month long event.

(As an example: If you catch a 20″  Bluefish in the first week of the event, but a week later catch a 22″  Bluefish, submitting the 22″  fish will automatically cull out the smaller fish caught previously. From then on, you’ll only submit Bluefish longer than your 22 inch entry.)


Each of the seven eligible species will be their own prize category, with the angler who submits the largest of each species winning a specific prize. In some cases, there might be more than one prize per species, so anglers are encouraged to never give up, even if another angler has submitted a larger fish than you.

Largest Bluefish – Custom Rod Package from GW Customs (Worth Over $300)”

Largest Summer Flounder (specific prize to be announced)

Largest Black Seabass (specific prize to be announced)

Largest Tautog (specific prize to be announced)

Largest Weakfish Lure Prize Pack from 247 Lures (Worth over $250)”

Largest Porgy (specific prize to be announced)

Largest Striped Bass (specific prize to be announced)


While many anglers refer to these species as “trash fish”, any fish that wins a prize should hardly be considered trash. In the interest of keeping things fun and giving everyone a shot at prizes, anglers that catch the largest of each of these fish species will also win prizes! If at the end of NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam any of these prizes are unclaimed (because no angler submitted a catch of that species), that prize will be raffled off randomly.

Largest Sea Robin – (specific prize to be announced)

Largest Porgy – (specific prize to be announced)

Largest Dogfish  (specific prize to be announced)

Largest Triggerfish – (specific prize to be announced)

Largest Oyster Toadfish  (specific prize to be announced)


  • By adding up each anglers’ three largest species submitted, the angler with the greatest total will be declared the Grand Prize Winner.
  • Each angler can use any three of the eligible species they want, but the angler must have caught at least three of the eligible species.

(As an example, one angler might add together their striped bass, weakfish, and black seabass; but another angler might add together their bluefish, summer flounder, and tautog. Any three eligible species may be used to determine your final total.)

NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam Grand Prize



First and foremost NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam is designed to be a friendly, family-oriented, and unique kayak fishing challenge. Anglers are expected to conduct themselves in an honorable, honest, and respectful manner at all times. Anyone suspected of cheating, bending the rules, or otherwise acting in any way to gain an unfair advantage will be disqualified and prohibited from future NED events.

NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam is designed to be a kayak fishing challenge. No advantageous involvement from boats is allowed, with the exception of angler safety. Kayaks and stand-up paddleboards are the only allowed fishing vessels. Kayaks with electric motors will be allowed, but absolutely no outboard/combustion engines will be permitted on kayaks during NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam. (At this time, we do not expect any separate prizes for a motorized division or SUP division, but we are willing to create a separate category if sufficient prizes are acquired.)

Anglers are permitted to fish anywhere legally allowed along the northern Atlantic coastline from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Anglers are responsible for:

  • Obtaining and holding proper fishing licenses
  • Kayak registration/permit if required by local laws.
  • Anglers must be 18 years or older (minors may participate if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.)
  • NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam will not be held responsible for any citations, tickets, or fines resulting from an angler’s negligence, improper licensing, or any other legal matters.
  • All participants must enter at their own risk. NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam will be held harmless for any actions and property. Including, but not limited to damage, injury, and death.  

All fish must be caught with a rod and reel, following all legal methods in a kayak. The fish must be hooked, fought, and landed from the angler’s kayak or SUP. Anglers are permitted to beach a kayak to take photos, but the fish must first be fought and landed before beaching the kayak. From the moment a fish attacks or bites a lure or bait, the individual angler must hook, fight and land the fish without the help of another person. No spearing, seining, yo-yoing, or commercial fishing will be allowed in NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam.


NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam recommends the use of safety whistles, VHF radios, safety flags/lights, and the buddy system at all times. Coast Guard and local boating laws should be observed at all times for safety. Regardless of local boating laws, anglers are REQUIRED to wear a PFD when competing in NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam. Any anglers observed not wearing a PFD will be warned once, and subsequently disqualified.


During a virtual event such as NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam, an angler’s catch is really only as good as the photographic evidence submitted. Taking photos of larger fish like striped bass and bluefish can be a challenge for even the most experienced angler. NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam will be publishing at least one video offering some guidance and tips to get your photos done right the first time.

NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam will be using TourneyX  to assist in catch verification, angler totals, and leaderboard management. All anglers must have TourneyX installed on a smartphone and have a valid account in order to compete (a TourneyX account is free for anglers). Photos should be submitted thru TourneyX as promptly as possible after a fish is caught. Submitting photos late or photos of dead/dying fish will quickly raise concerns about the honestly and legitimacy of the catch. All submitted photos must have the tournament identifier and the angler’s unique TourneyX code in the picture. Photo verification can be a challenge, especially with larger fish. NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam recommends always fishing with a partner, not only for safety, but also for help with photos.

(Check out these videos featuring helpful hints for getting proper photographs.)

Ultimately an angler’s submitted catch is only worth what a photo can prove to the tournament committee. For fish smaller than 30-36”, using a commercially available bump board is ideal. Boards like the Hobie Hawg Trough make verifying a photo much more accurate and easier for the tournament committee. For fish too large to fit on a standard bump board, anglers should do whatever they can to make verification easy and simple. When using a bump board, the mouth of the fish should always be closed with the nose touching against the bump. When using a tape measure, start with the “0” at the tip of the nose. Measuring fish backwards (from the tail first) are not automatic rejections, but make verification more difficult.

Using a bump board (even when the fish is larger than the board itself) helps provide a stable surface to cradle the fish. It also helps illustrate exactly where the nose of the fish is located, relative to the measuring device. A flexible tape measure is included in the registration packet for all anglers, which should be placed ON TOP of the fish and visible at all times. If at any time the measuring device is bent, folded, or hidden from view in a way that could distort the measurement, inches may be deduced or the fish may be rejected entirely.

NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam may be forced to disqualify or reduce a submitted fish’s length when photo evidence is insufficient. Photos must be clear, in-focus, properly lit, and show the entire fish in the frame. If part of the fish is not within the frame, if a photo is blurry, or if the fish is not properly held against the measuring device, inches may be subtracted based on what can be verified.


If two anglers submit fish that appear to be the same size, the TIME submitted will serve as the tie breaker. For example, if two anglers are with striped bass which appear to be 42″, the angler who submitted their fish FIRST will be awarded the tiebreak. If two anglers are tied in their cumulative TOTAL scores, award will go to the angler who submitted all of their catches first.


Fishing for NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam will commence immediately concluding a Captain’s Meeting live video on Thursday, July 1, 2021. During this meeting, NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam will cover some basic guidelines and rules, and at the conclusion each angler will be given a unique identifier. Fish submitted without this unique identifier will not be eligible for NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam. Anglers may register for NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam at any point prior to or during the event. However, anglers who register after the Captain’s Meeting kick-off on July 1, will not be allowed to submit fish for a period of 24hrs after registration has been completed.

All anglers competing in NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam will be required to complete and sign a liability waiver prior to competing. Anglers who have not completed the waiver may only submit fish caught after waiver has been collected by NED’s Kayak Inshore Slam.