Insect Damage

An extra fee may be added at the time of service and/or charged upon a callback within 7 days of original service due to a pool having extensive insect damage. Insect damage is a man vs. nature problem, we will do our best to seal the pool at every visit, but there will be no guaranty that a leak will stay fixed for any specified amount of time. Insects WILL cause perpetual new damage until eradicated. We suggest calling an exterminator to assist in eradication to prevent future leaks. Depending on the extent of your damage, a general insecticide found at the hardware store that is effective against on ants, termites or grubs may be enough to treat your infestation. Combining a new liner with extermination services is the best course of action and in some rare cases is still unsuccessful. If you suffer from insect damage that is recurring, some homeowners choose to deal with a small amount of water loss and top off water levels each week to maintain a pool for a season and schedule patch services only when the water loss is too much to keep up with, or on an automatic yearly patch schedule in late August to ensure peace of mind for winter. Insecticides should be applied as a common maintenance to the outside of the pool.