Pot Luck Picnic

Date(s) - Aug 25 - 2019
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

All Levels welcome! FREE Pot Luck Picnics.

This one is at Fort Wetherill State Park Jamestown, RI. 

Calling all:

  • Certified SCUBA Divers.
  • Avid Snorkelers.
  • Fisherman.
  • Water Enthusiasts.
  • Bubble Watching Family and Friends.


Fort Wetherill


 Join us for a pot luck picnic, if you do not have a dive buddy we will be pairing people up at the event.

New England Dive brings a grill, picnic supplies, hot dogs & water.

Please bring a dish, or beverage, to share.

*Since this is a New England Dive sponsored event please show support by utilizing our facility for any air fills, gear purchases, or rentals you may need for the event. Hope to see you at our next Pot Luck Picnic!*


Fort Wetherill State park is located at 3 Fort Wetherill Rd. Jamestown, RI.

Fort Wetherill is a Rhode Island State park containing popular shore diving sites. Divers flock to these shores due to having 2 entry points into protected coves. Each cove provides a different SCUBA experience. The right had a max depth of about 36′ (give or take tidal change). The left cove has a max depth of about 55′ (give or take tidal change). Just outside the coves is a ledge that drops down over 90′. This location makes for the perfect spot to picnic with SCUBA friends, because it has the ability to meet many different levels of certification needs.

When pulling in to the park, there are restroom facilities to the right at the ranger station. To get to the SCUBA area, follow the wood sign with the word “SCUBA” and an arrow directing you left down a one way road. At the end of this road, there will be a large parking and boat launch area on your right. Look for the New England Dive banner and pull up a beach chair to hang out for the day.

This event is in combination with our Open Water Diver check out dives. Non-divers are encouraged to join in and watch the activity. If interested, information on how to become certified will be available, please feel free to ask the staff any questions you may have.