Open Water Checkout Dives

Date(s) - Jun 23 - 2018
Jun 24 - 2018
All Day

Step 3 – Open Water Checkout Dives (The final step in completing an Open Water Scuba Diver certification.)

These dives are for Open Water Certification students who need to complete their training.

Open Water (OW) dives consist of a minimum of 4 dives, completed over a span of at least 2 days. This is a standard required by the scuba industry. NED offers OW weekends about twice a month May through October. The $250 fee includes instruction, rental of life support equipment, thermal protection, and the cost of registration and printed C-card. Upon successful completion of this training portion, you will have earned an Open Water Scuba Diver certification card. This certification enables you to dive anywhere in the world, for the rest of your life.

(Sat) June 23rd- Location TBA (weather dependent/instructors’ choice)

(Sun) June 24th– Fort Wetherill State Park. Jamestown, RI