Lake George Diving

Date(s) - Sep 16 - 2017
Sep 17 - 2017
12:00 am

Come out and join us for a weekend of great diving in the waters of beautiful Lake George

Lake George, widely know as the Queen of American Lakes for its crystal clear waters, is a 32-mile-long, spring-fed lake that provides outstanding scuba diving opportunities. Dive sites in Lake George are interesting and varied. Depending on diver experience, site depths range from 20′ – 80′ and even over 150′ for technical diving.

From historic wrecks to diverse wall dives, divers will have the chance to explore it all!

Lake George Diver

Boat diving spaces available for the group are limited call to sign up now!

There is no limit on spaces for the unlimited shore dives offered.

Bring your camping gear and stay with us! We will be camping at Battlefield State Park you can reserve your own camp spot by using the website www.Reserevamerica.com

Is camping not your thing? There are numerous hotel accommodations in the local area. Feel free to book the one that best suits your needs and meet is at the dive sites.


Boat Diving/Dive day – $100 pp+tax per diver (Subject to change)


Divers need to show up self sufficient. Which means all gear is to be provided by the diver including the tanks and weights.

Divers who sign up for this trip will receive  20% off rental equipment at New England Dive.

Rental equipment can be picked up at New England Dive the Wed, Thurs, or Friday for the trip. Please mention the 20%LakeGeorge 20% to receive your gear rental discount.


Diving Guidelines for Lake George’s Shipwreck Preserves

You must follow these general diving guidelines, as well as any special guidelines for specific historic shipwreck dive sites.

  • Diving “The Sunken Fleet of 1758” and “The Forward Underwater Classroom” is on a first-come, first-served basis. Both are open into the autumn. (*Disclaimer- This trip has no set dive sites because of the first come first serve rule. Sites will be chosen at time of trip*)
  • Bottom sediments are easily disturbed; visibility may be extremely limited.
  • Auxiliary air (pony tank and regulator) are required when diving at advanced depths. (+60ft)

Safety Guidelines for All Submerged Preserve Sites

  • All persons using the Submerged Heritage Preserves must be certified divers.
  • Dive boats and divers are required by law to use the red-and-white dive flag.
  • Divers must remain within 100 feet of the dive flag.
  • Only one dive boat can be tied to the mooring buoy at a time. Moor only to the mooring buoy.
  • The mooring buoy is a fair-weather mooring only. Do not tie up to the mooring during high winds. Very large boats should not tie up to the mooring.
  • To avoid anchor damage to wrecks, you must not anchor within 500 feet of a mooring.
  • Your dive boat should be tied to the mooring buoy for only the duration of the dive. Please cooperate.
  • It is unlawful for other boats to approach within 100 feet of the dive flag.
  • Please read the Emergency Contacts section before diving.
  • Dive with a dive buddy.
  • Descend the mooring cable to the anchor and follow the trail line to the site. Pay attention to the underwater signage.
  • Maintain proper buoyancy and control at all times.
  • Monitor your air supply and bottom time carefully.
  • Do not touch any part of the shipwrecks because they are fragile.
  • When finished diving, please leave the site promptly.
  • Help curb the spread of zebra mussels. Clean your gear thoroughly when moving from one body of water to another.
  • Be courteous to neighbors. Do not approach or use any private docks in the vicinity of the preserves.
  • Dive safely and enjoy your diving.

Emergency Contacts

In an emergency, contact the Warren County Sheriff’s Office by telephoning 911; from a cellular phone, dial *911. Law enforcement agencies and marinas monitor Marine Channel 16. Divers Alert Network (DAN): 919-684-8111.

Since 1993, all three shipwreck preserve sites have been vandalized. Vandalism threatens the continuation of these sites for sport divers. Report vandalism to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (see address and phone number below) or the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

Questions or comments concerning the Lake George Submerged Heritage Preserve program should be directed to the:
Department of Environmental Conservation
Submerged Heritage Preserves
Region 5
Route 86, Box 296
Ray Brook, NY 12977-0296
Telephone 518-897-1276


Bookings are closed for this event.