SDI Entry Level Courses


The SDI Snorkeler Diver Course is designed to give students the necessary skills to efficiently snorkel in conditions similar to their training without the direct supervision of an instructor.





Scuba Discovery

The SDI Scuba Discovery course is for those who want to test the waters and try scuba before dedicating to the full Open Water Scuba Diver Course. The SDI Scuba Discovery Program gives you a glimpse of what you can expect to experience in the underwater world as well as what you could expect to learn in the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course. During this experience program, you will go through the basic safety procedures for enjoyable scuba diving under the watchful eye of an active SDI Instructor. You will learn skills such as equalizing your ears, buddy checks, basic buoyancy control, underwater communication, and more. You will also be given an introduction to basic scuba equipment followed by an underwater tour in the local pool or marine environment.

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Inactive Diver / Refresher

The SDI Inactive Diver/Refresher Program is designed to update and review the knowledge and skill level of an inactive diver. SDI encourages the use of this program for instructors, assistant instructors, divemasters, and resorts or dive facilities that have questions regarding the diving history of an individual.

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Open Water Scuba Diver

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The Open Water Scuba Diver course is the first step in underwater training. Upon completion you will be a licensed Scuba Diver. This Certification is valid anywhere in the world for the rest of your life. You may go swimming in the ocean, or snorkel over a reef, but now it’s time to take it one step further. See the underwater world as it is meant to be experienced – underwater. The SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course is designed to give you the necessary skills to safely conduct open water dives. This course is the key to start exploring dive destinations around the globe or even in your backyard.

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Advanced Adventure Diver

If you’ve taken your Open Water Scuba Diver course and are now ready to expand your knowledge but would like to see what is out there first, then the SDI Advanced Adventure Diver course is for you! The SDI Advanced Adventure course will give you an overview of five different SDI specialties. Two of the required specialties are the Deep Diver and Navigation Diver specialties which are the foundation of continuing diver education. The remaining specialty dives are up to you!

The SDI Advanced Adventure course is Equivalent to PADI’s Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver Certification. 

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Advanced Diver

The SDI Advanced Scuba Diver Development Program was created to make truly “Advanced Divers.” During the course your Instructor will take you through four complete SDI, TDI, or ERDI specialty courses (for example; Deep, Navigation, Photo, Video, Intro to Tech, Tender, etc.) covering all the skills and subjects, so that by the end you will feel comfortable to conduct dives of a similar nature.

There is no equivalent course PADI offers that matches SDI’s Advanced Diver certification. SDI labels the accumulation of 4 Complete specialties as its Advanced Diver certification, because upon completion full comprehension of each specialty is obtained. The PADI Advanced Diver (equivalent to SDI Advanced Adventure Diver) partially covers 5 specialties. To gain full comprehension of each specialty, the student would next be required to train in each specialty diving class separately.

By earning the SDI Advanced Scuba Diver certification you will have increased abilities and comfort in the water and be ready for the next step, SDI Rescue Diver.

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Rescue Diver

The SDI Rescue Diver Course is designed to develop the knowledge and necessary skills to effectively perform diver rescues, as well as, assist and administer the necessary first aid in the event of an emergency. You will learn skills such as how to perform self-rescues, buddy rescues, recognize and calm potential panic divers, administer proper first aid to divers that have experienced dive related injuries, conduct effective search patterns and manage accident scenes. After the SDI Rescue Diver Course you can enroll in the SDI Master Scuba Diver Development Program or start in the professional ranks and sign up for the SDI Divemaster Course.

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