Bonaire 2022

All Aboard! Next Stop......Bonaire

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  • This page will also be used to communicate the most recent and relevant information about your trip to you. (Updates/Changes will appear in RED.)
  • FAQ (Facts & Questions): (If you have a question, check here you will likely find an answer.)


The group air leaves from BDL:       

There is NO BUS

  • Please arrive to the terminal 3hrs in advance to check in. 
  • American Airlines suggests airport check-in 3hrs prior to flight time.

  • Passports must be valid for 6-months from date of return. 05/19/2022

  • Travel/Dive insurance is not included, but  suggested (See section below). 

Flight Info

Group Airfare Information: American Airlines

Depart 11/12/2022 BDL

Return 11/19/2022  BDL

  • DEPART- 11/12/2022
  • AA# 2595- 6:24a Hartford (BDL)9:45a Miami (MIA)
  • AA# 1379- 10:30a Miami (MIA)- 2:44p Bonaire (BON)

  • RETURN- 11/19/2022 
  • AA# 1379- 3:40p Bonaire (BON) 5:55P Miami (MIA)
  • AA# 1272- 7:30p Miami (MIA)- 10:22p Hartford (BDL)


Divi Flamingo Resort & Casino

Address: 40 Julio A. Abraham Boulevard, Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands

Phone: +599 717 8285

Answers to your Questions (FAQ):

Into Bonaire:

  • There are no entry requirements for people traveling to Bonaire.


    • do not need a health declaration when flying to Bonaire;
    • do not have to be tested;
    • do not need to go into quarantine after arrival on Bonaire.
    • Use THIS LINK to access the Bonaire Crisis website and find the most recent BONAIRE travel requirements.

To Return to the US:

  • (As of 12:01AM ET) on June 12, 2022, CDC will no longer require air passengers traveling from a foreign country to the United States to show a negative COVID-19 viral test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before they board their flight.
  • Use THIS LINK to access the CDC website and find the most recent US travel requirements.

Although not required for entry or return at this time, if eligible, it would be wise to hand carry your original paper copy with your other important documents. (ie. passport, cert card, paper copy of any independantly purchased insurance policies.)

Dive Accident Insurance:

Thankfully I have never had to use it, but have met many who have.

Dive Travel Insurance:

If you are choosing to purchase private travel insurance, I have purchased several in the past 2 years since Covid-19 started. There are more out there as well, these are just ones I have experience with or have heard positive things about:

Get a DAN TRAVEL INSURANCE QUOTE. Single Trip Quote/Annual Quote.

                                                            Please list New England Dive #2782626 as your referring dive center. 

  • Dive Assure Travel Insurance This quote will also ask about a referral source, please choose New England Dive as your Dive/Travel operator.  
  • TravelSafe Not specifically a dive travel insurance, but I used this one when covid was still a major travel issue coverage applies to medical, trip interruption, and property coverage. Get a quote.
  • Generali Travel Insurance This travel insurance was suggested by a previous trip member. When needed came through smoothly for them.
  • GeoBlue is by Blue Cross Blue Shield, I felt it was more of a catastrophe insurance, but cheap enough why not. It was comforting to have international medical coverage. Get a quote.

If you have specific questions about what’s included please call the insurance company direct to make sure you know what you are buying.

We do not require travel insurance for the trip. But do remind people that the trip is non-refundable, and dive/travel insurance is excellent to help you with the unexpected. Physically, Financially, & Medically world travel has been altered in numerous ways due to Covid 19.


*7 Nights Accommodation (Run of the House “ROH” room class based on Double OCC.  *Additional fee applies to single occupancy*.

*Breakfast, lunch, dinner (coffee, tea, and water).

*11  Boat dives (includes tank, weights & belt) First day AM dives are replaced with a mandatory marine park orientation check out dive & a 1-tk PM boat dive. Then 5-days 2-tk AM boat dives.

*Unlimited use of tanks for shore diving.

*Welcome Cocktail.

*Lounge chairs and towels at pool and beach.

*Free WiFi.

*Airfare if pre-purchased with New England Dive group airfare package.

*On-island transfers from airport to the hotel


*All of the above except diving.

11 AM Boat Dive Package

  • includes tank, weights & belt
  • All other equipment can be rented from New England Dive or from Divi Dive Bonaire.
  • 1st Day (Sunday) AM dives are replaced with a mandatory marine park orientation check out dive & a 1-tk PM boat dive. Then 5-days 2-tk AM boat dives
  • (Lunch/surface interval at hotel )


(Must be purchased minimum 45 days prior to travel.)

  • +$100 5-days 1-TK PM Boat Dive (Sun-Thurs)

  • +$110 Unlimited Nitrox for the week.

*This dive schedule is included, but not mandatory. If you would like to sit out, then please let someone know so the boat does not wonder & wait. 

*If you would like to continue your skills with additional training please contact the crew at New England Dive to hear about opportunities available during your trip. (additional fees may apply.)

The resort is locate less than a mile from downtown and its a lovely walk down the shoreline. 

The resort also runs parallel to the ocean offering plenty of water play opportunity. 

There are 2 swimming pools, plenty of lounge chairs by the pool and the shore.

An activities board outside the front desk reception area lists daily events that are offered at the hotel. 

A life sized chess board and outdoor pool table adorn the courtyard across from one of the 2 open air restaurants located within the hotel. 

There is also a casino on site if you would like to try your luck! Just make sure you look over the rules before you play. I hear some things are a little different than home.  

  • THERE ARE NO PAPER AIRPPLANE TICKETS, when we get closer to our travel date an email with an E-ticket will be sent to you. 
  • At the bottom of the ticket there is an itty-bitty individual reservation number. This is the number you will need to link your reservation to your American Airlines Advantage app and receive notifications about your flight if you have not provided your AA Advantage # at the time of sign up. 
  • There is no on-board entertainment on American Airlines. The American Airlines App is also how you will receive WiFi on the plane to use your own devices for entertainment. If you do not have a rewards account you can sign up for 1 for free here
  • You are allowed 1-personal item that fits under the seat in front of you. (i.e. a purse or bookbag.) and 1-overhead carry on bag at no charge.
  • American Airlines Baggage Policies: (Subject to change at will of American Airlines)

**An update to complete this information at the correct timestamp will be emailed to you in the future.**

Waivers must be completed within 30 days of our return date. During this time period this section will be updated with the appropriate waivers and you will receive an email containing the waivers needed and directions on how to fill them out. 

  • Please use this link__(To be filled in within 30 days of travel) ______ to use Docusign and complete the New England Dive waiver.
  • In the email you will receive, there may also be a Hotel Waiver and/or  Dive Waivers.
  • Please fill out all waivers as soon as possible after they are received.
  • There is also a new flat rate tax Bonaire has implemented that was effective 07/01/2022. There will be a link for each traveler to complete this independently at this time.
  • There will also be a link to complete the Reef tax. Please print this out and hand carry a paper copy. The onsite Divi Dive center will require it during orientation on Sunday. 
  • THERE ARE NO PAPER AIRPPLANE TICKETS, when we get closer to our travel date an email with an E-ticket will be sent to you. 
  • Notify banking and credit cards of international travel, so they do not freezer your funds thinking you were hacked when used abroad.
  • PRINT AND HAND CARRY copies of any special insurances you may have purchased. (Just in case.) I DO NOT NEED COPIES OF THESE. They are yours. If you are a single traveler and need help, I gotch-you. Zip them into the lining of your suitcase so I know where to find them if you are not able to retrieve them yourself. I’ll ride with you as long as I can and/or notify your contacts for you. But none of us will need these, just nice to have them. (Knock on wood)
  • Please keep a copy of your important Documents in paper form, as well as a photo of them in your email incase they get lost. 
  • Bring your scuba certification card. It will need to be presented at Divi Dive orientation on Sunday.
  • Print and hand carry your copy of your paid $75 Bonaire tax
  • Print and hand carry your copy of your reef tax. 

What you need to know before we go:

This section contains many helpful tips for travel and will help clarify what happens up arrival to the island.  


You will receive an email from New England Dive via DocuSign. Complete accordingly following the prompts, then choose a witness to do the same and enter their email. Please complete at your earliest convenience at least 2-weeks before travel. 

An notification of necessary waivers email will  have links to the resorts required waivers. Please complete them asap upon receiving. 

Upon Arrival:

-Once the plane has landed- collect your baggage- and Clear Customs.

-You will exit through customs door. Immediately after exiting the door, look for a staff member holding a sign that says Divi Flamingo or New England Dive. There will be a bus waiting for guests and some trucks waiting for luggage. It is about a 10-minute drive to resort. The bus may be making a few trips, and it will take some time for everyone to clear customs.

  • IF YOU HAVE ARRANGED ALTERNATE TRANSPORTATION, and WILL NOT BE TAKING THE INCLUDED SHUTTLE FROM THE AIRPORT TO THE RESORT. Please make sure your group leader is aware. We do not want to think someone was forgotten, or have to search the airport looking for you when you have already gone. 

Return testing to US is available at the resort:

The front desk will ask us to bring down our luggage by a certain time, and notify us when we will need to meet for the shuttle back to the airport.

We will be taking a GROUP PHOTO at this time if we have not done so already. Please join us to document the great memories we shared with you.

Other Fees:

Baggage Fees:

What American Airlines charges, they charge. If this changes before travel we have to just roll with it. Currently:

Caribbean (except Cuba and Haiti)$30 1st Checked bag each way (50lbs)$40 2nd Checked bag each way ($50lbs)


Boat Tip:

Suggested $5-$10 per tank used. Please have enough CASH. New England Dive has a “Boat Leader” on each vessel.  A group tip is collected and given to the boat crew as one sum at the end of the week. We find this avoids any confusion with how to leave gratuities, as well as, makes sure that the cash goes directly to those who earned it most. If you choose to leave more than what is customary, we bet the Divi Dive staff would be flattered. 

Island Tax:

There is a new $75 per person Island Tax for hotels, and rental cars. What used to be a percentage is now 1 flat fee no matter how long your stay. 

A discount was added to each of your invoices to reflect the change from “what was” to “what is”

The guests now pay $75.00 per person per stay Directly to Bonaire.  www.BonaireIsland.com click on ENTRY 

“The government of Bonaire has announced a new Visitor Entry Tax, starting on July 1, 2022. Non-residents aged 13 and older will be required to pay a $75.00 per visitor entry tax; residents of the former Netherlands Antilles and non-residents aged 12 and under will be required to pay $10.00 per visitor. The mandatory tax will be paid digitally via an online platform or upon arrival at the airport.”



Only  coffee, tea, and water are included. All other beverage purchases can be signed to your room charges and settled at check out. 

Divi Dive:

On-Site Divi Shop:-Please fill out the online registration forms that are applicable to you for the divi dive shop at your earliest convenience within 30 days of return (11/19/2022)  and preferably 2-weeks before travel. 

Divi Dive Registration Links

The link to pay Marine Park Reef Tax is also on this page.

The Bonaire Marine Park extends from the high water mark to the 60-meter depth contour all the way around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, encompassing an area of approximately 270 hectares. The Marine Park’s job is to ensure that the marine resources of the island, the magnificent coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangroves are protected and used in a sustainable manner. To learn more about the Bonaire Marine Park, visit www.bmp.org

  • Important Notice: The Bonaire National Marine Park entry fee for divers is $45 per person, per calendar year and must be purchased online at https://stinapa.bonairenaturefee.org. All divers are required to present their Bonaire National Marine Park entry tag prior to diving in Bonaire. Entry to the Washington Slagbaai National Park is also included when buying this tag. Divi Dive Bonaire no longer sells these tags at the dive shop.

    For non-divers interested in participating in other water activities, the Bonaire National Marine Park entry fee is $25 per person, per calendar year. Entry to the Washington Slagbaai National Park is not included when buying this tag.

    For access to the Washington Slagbaai National Park for non-divers, the fee is $20 per person, per calendar year.

    All fees must be paid online at https://stinapa.bonairenaturefee.org.

    *Prices are in USD.

Yes. The dive docks located on our beach extend out almost 30 yards to the famous Calabas reef. Tanks are available on these docks 24 hours a day for shore divers.

Strap on your gear using our custom designed diving benches, then step off into 12’ of crystal clear blue water. The reef quickly drops down to 12’ right in front of the dock. The Calabas Reef is an unspoiled beauty, featuring a wide variety of tube sponges, parrot fish, trumpet fish and anemones.

Yes. We are proud to offer private lockers with wetsuit hangers and plenty of room to store all of your diving gear, so you can access your equipment 24 hours a day! We recommend that you bring your own padlock.

Yes its magical and perfectly safe for experienced divers. Thrill-seekers can dive under the stars right off our docks to swim alongside exotic marine life like octopus, tarpon and brightly colored coral reefs.

Different sites each day. There are so many spectacular dive spots on Bonaire, so we make an effort to visit them all, including Red Slave on the south side of the island and Rappel on the north side. We also visit the island of Klein Bonaire almost every day. If you have a specific site request, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

It takes about 10-20 minutes to reach most dive sites. If you are staying at Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino, the world-famous Calabas Reef is just steps from your room.

Our dive boats typically sit in 25’ of water, close to shore, with the drop off right behind the boat. When you reach your destination, you will drop down below the boat and follow our divemaster. Dive down to the recommended depth and enjoy exploring Bonaire’s pristine coral reefs. Halfway through your air time or bottom time, or when the divemaster signals it’s time to return, you will turn around and head back toward the boat, ascending throughout the dive. You’ll then spend the last few minutes at the 10′-15′ range checking out the vibrant reef and colorful fish and completing a safety stop.

Divi has always promoted divers to be self-reliant when setting up or tearing down their dive gear, to maintain dive skills. However, due to COVID-19 concerns, any guest requiring assistance with gear or getting into or out of the water, should have a designated “dive buddy.”

Due to COVID-19 concerns our policy has changed and we do encourage you to bring your own dive gear.

  • Rental Equipment will be disinfected by trained Staff members with industry-appropriate disinfectants and placed in sealed bags.
  • Rental gear once issued and removed from the sealed bag can only be handled by the user for the duration of the rental period.
  • Disinfecting procedures will remain the same as if the rental equipment belonged to the user until it is returned.

Yes but a limited quantity, by request only, make sure you specified if you need it with NITROX or AIR

Aluminum tanks with yoke valves. 

Most recommend a wetsuit because you are diving more than one dive a day, 3mm is good enough.

Credit card information will be held at the dive shop for on-site dive add-ons and incidentals. This tab is required to be settled at the end of the week.