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The Snorkeler Diver Course is designed to give students the necessary skills to efficiently snorkel in conditions similar to their training without the direct supervision of an instructor. Snorkeling is the use of mask fins and snorkel to primarily swim on the surface while being able to keep your face in the water without having […]

Diving Emergency Management Provider (DEMP)

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Diving Emergency Management Provider Why Take This Course When a dive accident occurs, multiple things happen. Separate small problems can compound to create a larger problem. DAN’s Diving Emergency Management Provider (DEMP) program prepares you to handle the kinds of multifaceted accidents that may occur. It’s an easy and fast way to take four of […]

Online Shopping COMING SOON!

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Online Shopping from NEW ENGLAND DIVE will be launching soon……….   From our store to your door, delivery day is  just a few clicks away!       After many hours, and long nights of key boarding and coding, New England Dive is happy to announce we are almost ready to GO LIVE with our very own […]

Get Scuba Certified!

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Getting Open Water certified is as easy as 3 steps and can be done in 2 weekends. If you would like to get certified after reviewing the information below. Contact New England Dive 203.284.1880 to schedule your class, today! OPEN WATER SCUBA DIVER  $569.90.- INCLUDES: (Step 1) E-LEARNING  MATERIALS, (Step 2) CW TRAINING, (Step 3) OW TRAINING, & FREE LOG BOOK.    […]

My Fogging Mask!

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Written By: Jill Walsh Congratulations, you did it! You found the perfect mask (that you bought at New England Dive…wink, wink) and it’s everything you dreamed of. It fits your face just right, the color matches your other gear perfectly, and your vision is so perfectly clear you barely notice it’s there. But, it won’t […]

Plug Test

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  THE PLUG TEST DETERMINE IF YOUR WATER LOSS coming from your pool basin or your pipes   Shut down your filter and make sure any automatic timers are also off. Remove the directional caps and spinner inserts from all return ports. (The circles on the walls of the pool). Plug these return lines using […]

Evaporation Test

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We see it every day: pool owners calling frantically because their pool is losing more than they ever remember. Hold tight! It may not be a true leak but simple evaporation. Our experience shows that a pool with no heater, no waterfalls, or water features can lose as much as a quarter inch per day. […]


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*A base rate is charged for the type of pool. *Distance fees may apply *Out of season fees may apply *Extensive repair fees may apply *Materials or parts fees may apply. *Oversized/pool feature fees may apply. *New England Dive reserves the right to discontinue any service it provides at any time due to liability or […]

Insect Damage

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An extra fee may be added at the time of service and/or charged upon a callback within 7 days of original service due to a pool having extensive insect damage. Insect damage is a man vs. nature problem, we will do our best to seal the pool at every visit, but there will be no […]

Post Pool Service

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If your pool is a vinyl liner pool *DO NOT VACUUM FOR 24hrs* At the time of service, the diver will mark the current water level with RED DUCT TAPE. This mark can be found either on the faceplate of the skim box, on the stairs, or on the wall near the stairs. It is […]