Plug Test

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  THE PLUG TEST DETERMINE IF YOUR WATER LOSS coming from your pool basin or your pipes   Shut down your filter and make sure any automatic timers are also off. Remove the directional caps and spinner inserts from all return ports. (The circles on the walls of the pool). Plug these return lines using […]

Evaporation Test

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THE BUCKET TEST DETERMINE IF YOUR WATER LOSS IS CAUSED BY EVAPORATION OR A LEAK Bring the pool water to normal level. Fill a 5-gallon bucket with pool water to approximately 2″ from the top. Place the bucket on the first or second step of the pool. Ensure the bucket is immersed in the pool […]


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*A base rate is charged for the type of pool. *Distance fees may apply *Out of season fees may apply *Extensive repair fees may apply *Materials or parts fees may apply. *Oversized/pool feature fees may apply. *New England Dive reserves the right to discontinue any service it provides at any time due to liability or […]

Insect Damage

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An extra fee may be added at the time of service and/or charged upon a callback within 7 days of original service due to a pool having extensive insect damage. Insect damage is a man vs. nature problem, we will do our best to seal the pool at every visit, but there will be no […]

Post Pool Service

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If your pool is a vinyl liner pool *DO NOT VACUUM FOR 24hrs* At the time of service, the diver will mark the current water level with RED DUCT TAPE. This mark can be found either on the faceplate of the skim box, on the stairs, or on the wall near the stairs. It is […]

Scheduling Pool Repair

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Call New England Dive 203.284.1880 Or email PoolRepair@NewEnglandDive.com your: Name, Address, Cell Phone, Email, Type of pool, and Symptoms. We try our best to schedule your appointment within 1-3 days of your service request. Our appointment availability is determined by your location. Service routes are arranged the day before, unless alternate arrangements have been made […]

Measuring Water Loss

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If this measurement is unknown: Use a piece of duct tape, or a pencil, to mark the exact water level on the faceplate of the skimmer box, or if necessary, on the pool wall near the stairs or ladder. Wait 24hrs, re-mark water level and use a measuring device, like a ruler, to calculate the […]


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$50 Bus Charter Trip!  (6am-6pm+) Selling FAST buy your seat NOW!   Mission Tech is a sponsored event powered by TDI., happening at Dutch Springs to promote technical diving.   WE RENTED A CHARTER BUS! Bring your gear on board, and whatever else you will need for the day, for a day trip to Dutch!